Legal issues can hamper business operations and stall growth, but they don’t have to. With experienced business law representation, it is possible to resolve business disputes and other legal problems quickly and efficiently, while minimizing the disruption operations as little as possible. At Law Offices of Darren P. Trone, we have extensive experience helping business owners with a wide range of legal issues. We are equipped to solve legal problems efficiently, to save you unnecessary conflict and expense.

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Business Formation

With our Riverside business lawyer, we help business owners with the critical legal steps of business formation and business organization. The actions taken at this stage are especially important because they could result in long term implications over the entire life of the business. The scope of our practice includes legal guidance for matters such as:

  • Choosing a business entity (Corporation, Partnership, LLC, LLP)
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnership agreements, Bylaws and Operating agreements
  • Franchising

We will be here for you from business formation throughout the life of your business, offering guidance with business transitions, administrative compliance, and dissolution, or assisting you with the sale, merger, secured transactions and other critical legal matters.

Business Litigation

Disputes are common in the business world, but resolving those disputes efficiently requires the guidance of an experienced Riverside business attorney. Attorney Darren P. Trone is adept at helping businesses reach favorable resolutions through negotiation, and is a formidable courtroom advocate when litigation is necessary. The scope of our business litigation practice includes:

  • Member and Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Collections
  • Breach of contract

Civil Litigation

At Trone Law, we practice Civil Litigation in California & Washington that encompasses the process of resolving non-criminal disputes through the states court systems. It involves a series of steps including the filing of a complaint, pre-trial motions, discovery, trial, and potentially an appeal. The practice requires a deep understanding of both substantive law and procedural nuances, along with strategic planning to effectively advocate for clients’ interests. Trone Law is here to help when it comes to your Civil Litigation work. 

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